Thu 07 Jun 2012
Whit Friday... IT DIDN'T RAIN!

Last Friday saw Vernon Building Society (Poynton) Brass Band (along with around 150 other brass bands) take part in the annual Whit Friday March Competition in Tameside and Saddleworth.

We started off at the Hurst Cross competition at around 5 o'clock, but moved from Tameside into Saddleworth for the rest of the evening performing at 6 other venues throughout the evening (A band must compete in 6 contests in either Tameside or Saddleworth to get an overall ranking for that area).

At each venue we marched down the street (or in most cases up the hill!) to the march Death or Glory, and on the competition stand performed the Grand Contest March Knight Templar by Geo Allen.

Our results were as follows:

Hurst Cross - 26th out of 40
Denshaw - 11th out of 52
Diggle - 22nd out of 50
Lees - 12th out of 49
Lydgate - 24th out of 62
Scouthead - 25th out of 58
Uppermill - 6th out of 53

Overall in Saddleworth we came 21st out of the 57 bands that managed 6 or more contests in the Saddleworth area.

At Uppermill where we gained a very respectable 6th place we were only beaten Fodens, Marsden, Hepworth, Brighouse & Rastrick and the Swiss band Chermignon. It's very nice to be in the mix amongst such big names in the banding world.

Next years contest will be on Friday 24th May.

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