Ben Attfield

Ben Attfield

2nd Trombone

I started learning the piano at the age of 4, then when I was 7 we had someone come in to demonstrate a trombone at my primary school, and I decided I just had to play one of those as well! I played in various music centre ensembles and orchestras, but wasn’t first exposed to brass bands until 9 years later when I joined Stockport Schools’ Brass Band in 2016. Immediately I loved it, and joined my first adult band - Besses Boys’ Band - a year later. I was also a member of the Hallé Youth Orchestra for two years from 2017-2019, first on trombone then on piano. I came to Poynton to dep for the Spring Festival in 2019… and haven’t left since!

Banding History:
Stockport Schools’ Brass Band (2016-2019)
Besses Boys’ Band (2017-2018)

Player Trivia

Favourite Test-Piece
Variations on Laudete Dominum

Favourite Concert Piece
MacArthur Park

Banding Highlight
SSBB tour to Belgium 2018